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Quarterly subscription to INSIDER Magazine

Each quarter, the ACA publishes the INSIDER, a professional full-color magazine dedicated to the Cadillac Allanté. It is filled with technical information, hints and tips, personal interest stories and much more! The magazines are mailed to members, but they are also available online, in full color, to members of the club. After you sign-up and log in, you can instantly access every published magazine and enjoy reading it on-screen (or you can print it on your printer).

Access to AllantéNet bulletin board

Each ACA member will have read, post and search capabilities on the #1 Allanté bulletin board, AllantéNet. Got questions or problems with your Allanté? You'll be able to post your question to thousands of other Allanté enthusiasts, and read their replies. This is an incredible way to get technical support and assistance with your Allanté.

You'll also be able to search the wealth of Allanté postings we've saved from previous years...this information can be accessed from the tips of your fingers! You'll be able to search via keywords for previous postings (and answers!) to your questions and problems.

Access to the FAQ

Allanté Club of America members are given access to the famous Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQ is a rich, concise system that explains the top Allanté problems and solutions, from the ABS brake issue to repairing antennas and visor vanity mirrors. Step-by-step instructions, complete with photographs, are provided. Sign-up today and you'll have instant access to this feature too!

Allanté Library

The ACA has amassed a wealth of information about the Allanté. Collector's items, news articles, videos are all available for downloading and viewing. Learn everything about the Allanté -- all in one place: the ACA!

Wanted & For Sale Ads

Want to buy Allanté parts or an Allanté? Want to sell your Allanté or some Allanté parts? The ACA's Wanted/For Sale advertising section brings together buyers and sellers of 'everything Allanté.' ACA members can even include free pictures of their ad via Photo Pages!

Local club support and sponsorship

The ACA supports local Allanté chapters and holds a National Meet once per year. Your support of the ACA in turn supports the local Allanté Club of America chapter in your area.

Invitations to Local and National Events / Meets

Members are invited to exclusive Allanté Club of America events throughout the year. ACA designated meets take place at various venues, such as auto races on navy air bases, exclusive luxury resorts, country clubs and great restaurants. These events are well organized and lots of fun. Don't miss an invitation to attend ... join the Allanté Club of America today!

Access to Allanté knowledge and parts resources

The Allanté Club of America maintains relationships with various individuals and business who provide Allanté knowledge, parts and service. Members can call our toll-free number to find the best places for service and parts in the local area.

Your own photo page

The Allanté Club of America allows its members to create their own photo pages within this site! You can upload, store and share photos (quantity within reason). Each photo can have a date, caption/text and indicate who took the photo. It's a great, easy-to-use feature that allows you to share and organize your Allanté photos. Since the photo pages are open to the public, you can share your photos with anyone who has access to the internet!


Dues are $50 per year. Take a $5 discount if you signup online!