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Home OK: Oklahoma & Kansas


Welcome to the Kansas / Oklahoma



Your local KS / OK contact is:


                  James Strider                     

6316 Blue Stem West Rd  
Oklahoma City, OK  63162-4915



Phone: (405) 720-2800




James wants to plan some Allante events in the local area.  Contact him today to participate.



James Strider

Chapter Leader


6316 Blue Stem West Rd

Oklahoma City


Oklahoma 73162-4915








If you have any suggestions or events in your area that you would like the club to see or do please make contact with me so we can get it on the agenda.


So here's the deal !!!!


If you own an Allante' and you are not a member of the Allante' Club of America it's time to step up to the pump.!!!!


We would like  to hear from you  ASAP !!! so that we can get you registered for the events coming up.